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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cereal- and Root Starch Modification by Heat-Moisture Treatment. II. Functional Properties and Baking Potential (Abstract)

K. Lorenz and K. Kulp

Functional baking properties of heat-moisture treated starches (barley, triticale, red millet, arrowroot, cassava) described in preceding paper* are given. The bread and cake baking potential of cereal starches was adversely affected by the treatment. Although the quality of breads and cakes failed to match that of untreated wheat starch, the treatment improved tuber starches, suggesting that the molecular order of starches is an important factor in starch baking quality. Thickening properties tested with pie fillings demonstrated adverse effects of the treatment on this starch property.

Starch - Stärke, Volume 34 Issue 3, Pages 76 - 81